Virtual wedding dress swap

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - For a bride on a budget in hard economic times, the search for the perfect dress involves more than liking the look in the mirror. It means finding creative ways to cut costs.

Hitting the Web to buy or sell used wedding dresses can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. "I think with the economy, people are more practical. They want to make their dollars go further. If they can buy the same dress for 50 percent off, even if it has been worn once and it's in great condition, then why not take advantage of that," said Emily Newman.

Newman not only bought her dress online, she created to re-sell her gown. The site allows brides to post pictures and information online.

Some users say this bridal transaction builds a sentimental bond between buyer and seller.

"Each girl that contacted me about my dress, I really feel like that I created a sort of bond with them. You know I wanted to make sure they would be as happy on their wedding day as I will be on mine," said Candence Hester.

With thousands of dresses in every price range, more than your average boutique, this virtual search offers all the perks without leaving home or sacrificing personal style.

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