Five-year-old Australian boy allergic to everything

Posted by Tricia Dunn - email

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA (WFLX) - Imagine being allergic to every type of food and beverage except water.

A five year old's boy rare condition is baffling doctors. Kaleb Bussenschutt can only chew on ice and pretend he's eating something. That's all the little boy can eat, anything else and his mother says he gets crippling stomach pains.

His condition is so rare, doctors don't know if he'll one day be cured. His family says they do whatever they can to make things easier for Kaleb. "We try not to go out to dinner a lot because its not fair that Kaleb sits there and eats some ice and watches us eat." said Kaleb's mother.

For now he receives nutrients through a tube into his stomach, which he's hooked up to for "all but" four hours a day. The machine fits into a backpack, giving the active five year old the freedom he needs.

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