Orange County man dies while diving

Posted by Tricia Dunn - email

ORANGE COUNTY , FL (WFLX) - It was just around 4:00 on the first day of lobster mini season when one of our AG Marine units heard a distressed call from a diver via the Coast Guard radio frequency,  the call said a diver was in trouble in the ocean.

Brevard County Sheriffs Deputies say four friends from Brevard and Orange Counties went diving for the day fifteen miles northeast of the Sebastian inlet. They speared a grouper, but struggled with it so they let it go.Then one of the divers saw their friend, Shane Slusarz, having seizures in the water, so he sent him to the top, once on the surface Slusarz died.

The four friends were in about 100 feet of water, and even though Slusarz was an experienced diver, it had been a long day, the men were on their third tank, and something went wrong killing the thirty six year-old Orange County man.

The case is now under investigation. Brevard County sheriff's LT. Todd Maddox is handling the case, although Deputies don't suspect foul play, they will treat every incident like a crime scene.

Shane Slusarz's autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.