Spring is in the Hair…

By Helen Wagmeister
Creative Director of Harvey C Salon

We all do it. We'll probably continue to do it for at least another month, and then it'll taper off until next year. I'm talking about New Year's resolutions which are made to improve who we are.
Typically, there is much reminiscing over old times, old photographs are dragged out for an airing as the previous years expectations are mulled over. People observe how they have visually altered in the span of a year. It seems at the January / February mark the desire for an image makeover increases just when fashion magazines flood the racks boasting the season's hairstyle predictions.
Approximately when the resolution to abstain from cheesecake begins to wane another focus emerges, namely, CHANGE! The inspiration for such change surfaces from all kinds of visual stimuli; movie stars, heroes/heroines, and the magazine industry.
Whether the newly interpreted spring hairstyles are choppy or one length, textured or colored, classic or trendy, they are created with styling influences of the past. Hairstylists decide where to travel next utilizing this retro styling map, whilst updating the 'Do's' in the process.
The looks for spring 2003 indicate a strong desire to get back to healthy, shiny hair, using classic cuts with the emphasis on movement within a strongly balanced form. These versatile haircuts paired with outstanding color application, ensure the styles are easily transformed when going from office to drinks, or luncheon to dinner party.
At Harvey C Salon you'll receive a personalized color consultation to ensure that a flattering shade is selected, and we feel the best results are achieved with the collaboration of stylist and client. This season the latest hair color trend involves applying two or three complementary shades to the hair, darker at the back gradually lighter on top. Since most of us cannot wear every shade on the color wheel I think trends must give way to personal needs especially regarding hair color.
Whatever you decide to change this season, as you look back to go forward you're not just emulating images of the past, but with the flair of your stylist, traveling a nostalgic road wearing an updated hairstyle.
To generate the trendier aspects of this season's hair cuts use Bumble and Bumble products; Sumo tech, Surf spray and Styling Cream. Our stylists can help you get savvy with finishing techniques so that your transformation resolution persists.
The staff at Harvey C Salon would love to journey with you, and find your personal style. We're ready to help you rediscover yourself this spring.
Harvey C Salon is a full service salon with a warm friendly staff. Don't wait to look great! Call receptionists Denise or Juliana at (561)832-2944.