Do your pants sag low... not in Riviera Beach

By Peter Schaller -

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The battle over saggy pants is not over yet in Riviera Beach. A judge called the city's ban unconstitutional. Now, with the help of lawyers, the ordinance is getting a rewrite. But will it still be at odds with first amendment rights?

"You can't go around Riviera Beach with you pants half down," said Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas Mastrs.

His saggy pants ordinance didn't hold up in court. A judge calling it unconstitutional, but the mayor hasn't dropped it. "We're always concerned about the possibility of lawsuits, but we've got to do what we've got to do."

His idea has been shot down before, but this mayor is not giving up. He says he's determined to lift up these streets one pair of pants at a time. "We don't want it; we don't like looking at it. It's disgusting."

Even President Obama has weighed in during this MTV interview. "Brothers gotta pull their pants up."

Obama also had this to say about government pushing the issue: "Any public official who's worrying about saggy pants probably needs to save the focus on real problems out there."

Mayor Mastrs telling us that's exactly what he's doing. He says droopy pants equal dangerous streets. He's working on a new draft of the ordinance that could get rid of or lower the fines if you break the law. They're also getting more specific with the language used in the rules.

A simple idea with compicated enforcement, ourtroom drama, and possible lawsuits.  This mayor thinks its all worth it.  No word on when the rewritten ordinance will be completed.  Mayor Mastrs says this time around community service hours could be used as punishment instead of fines.