Boynton newlywed caught in murder for hire sting

Dalia Dipolito
Dalia Dipolito
Michael Dipolito
Michael Dipolito

By John Bachman  bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A judge has ordered Dalia Dipolito to stay at her parents' house in the Boynton Beach Community of Nautica.

By late Thursday night things finally quieted down, but that was not the case earlier Thursday when Dipolito arrived.

She pulled into the neighborhood a little after 7 p.m. after she bonded out of the Palm Beach County Jail. Police then escorted her into her parents' home. That is where she will await trial for attempting to have her husband killed. She did spend one night jail. But Thursday night she'll sleep in what we can only imagine is a much more comfortable bed. We were also told by neighbors that she has a younger sister and a brother who also live at this house and that she has a very sick grandfather living her, as well.

We were able to catch a few glimpses of her walking around inside the house. Many neighbors spent the evening waiting outside, as well. Once they got word that Dalia would be arriving and staying in their community. They told us, despite what Dalia Dipolito is accused of doing, her family is well thought of in this community. And they don't feel Dalia is a threat to anyone here. Some neighbors even say they feel bad for her.

"I think it's pretty sad. It's really is pretty sad. You know when you think about it. But, I think, there's a lot more behind it that nobody knows about," said neighbor Jack Lynch.

Another neighbor, Barbara Lombardo told us, "Hopefully she comes out ok with it. But she should have just divorced her husband; I don't know."

Thursday we also went by the condo where Dalia used to live with her husband. Michael Dipolito, the man, police say, she tried to have killed. We know he was inside. But he also has security cameras mounted outside his door, and he wasn't coming out.

Police will continue to Monitor Dalia as she remains under house in the gated community behind me. She has also been ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device, and curious neighbors will be keeping a close watch also.