Animal Abuse


Animals in palm beach county are getting abused at an alarming rate. It's a story we've told you about before...but it's only getting worse.

This weekend alone animal care and control tells us three new animal abuse cases have some up...and now even the agency says they are getting worried.

"We've seen more cases in the past 2 months that we would see in a year just unexplained acts of violence towards animals."

and this weekend things went from bad to worse

"When I look at the neck it's completely cut off."

somebody cut chi-chi the chiahuahua's throat early saturday morning... She died from the injury.

"I don't have a reason why."

neither did animal care and control

"We are seeing an alarming increase in violence two animal cases this weekend we've seen 3 major cases this...significance amount of trauma."

now add those 3 cases to these from weeks ago... this rottweiler, found in a cage not able to stand or walk, soaked in urine, with 4 dead puppies inside of her.

A bulldog whose owner left the dog behind for three weeks without food or water.

And then there's Bo...

a pit bull mix puppy. AC and c says his owner hit Bo repeatedly with a pipe.

Hitting dog with a pipe when police got there still hitting dog with a pipe."

So why does the problem seem to be getting worse?

"My suspicion is the economy at least a large part of it a lot of people are struggling...animals become involved in it."