Riviera Beach sex offender caught in Kentucky

By Juan Carlos Fanjul  - email

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - "Once I found out he was arrested, my first thought was thank you Jesus. My kids can finally get some justice," said the mother of Roshard Whitehead's alleged victims who did not want to be identified.

She was relieved to see this video of the suspect finally facing a judge, although hundreds of miles away in Lexington, KY.

Since 2008, Riviera Beach police had been looking for the man accused of abusing the two young girls for up to four years starting when they were ages six and eight.

"These are young girls that were relatives. Who had reason to believe that he would be protective of them and he did everything except be protective of them, said Riviera Beach spokeswoman Rose Anne Brown.

Police say Whitehead forced the young girls to watch pornographic movies and then act them out.

The twenty six-year-old also allegedly threatened the girls with starvation and physical force.

Some of that abuse, police say, happened at a home on Avenue "S", Whitehead's last known address.

But this weekend, he was arrested in Lexington, Kentucky by the U.S. Marshal's Service after his case aired on America's Most Wanted.

He had been living with a sixteen-year-old girlfriend he met online.

"When we went to the front door we immediately saw Mr. Whitehead sitting on the couch, just to the right of the entry of the door way. We took him into custody, said Deputy U.S. Marshal Calvin Whitis.

Nothing will erase the past, but a mother can finally feel a little better that the man accused of inflicting so much pain has been caught.

"It was extremely hard," said the mother when realizing she may have to face Whitehead in court who is expected to be extradited back to Palm Beach County.