That's Life: Soy Proteins

Soy Proteins
A large part of what we do is to look at misconceptions having to do with medicine and straighten them out. Well, there's a misconception going on now, and it has to do with soy protein. Soy is beneficial, but when it comes to cancer, there's some questions.
Let me give you some background information. People from southeast Asia have been using soy products for centuries, and they have the lowest incidences of breast cancer in the world, much lower than ours. It is believed that soy is part of that reason.
The reason is that soy contains phytoestrogens, they're called isoflavones. They're synthetic estrogens, much like the estrogen compounds that fill up receptors, and they think that's the reason why cancer doesn't occur in these types of women. But for some reason, our doctors are saying that this, soy proteins, can cause breast cancer or drive the tumors. The evidence shows that soy protein has never caused a breast tumor nor drives it. As a matter of fact the Mayo Clinic people recommend using soy products, even in the face of breast cancer if you enjoy using it.
There's other benefits it prevents heart disease, it prevents Alzheimer's Disease disease and it prevents osteoporosis. One problem however, soy protein has a lot of oxolate, so if you have kidney stones, stay away from it.
The bottom line: when it comes to soy proteins, don't be afriad to use them, even in the face of breast cancer, cause the info is really misinfo.
I'm Dr David Vastola, and that's life.