Orientation at Palm Beach Gardens High

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - We are still a few days from school officially starting but today students at Palm Beach Gardens High are getting their first look at the new and improved school.

"It's huge and it's really good from the little bit I've seen." Olivia Willmot is a freshman at Palm Beach Gardens this year.

"I've never been to a school this big before."

She and her mom joined dozens of others today checking and the new campus during orientation.

"It's beautiful."

In fact the consensus today: "It's a lot better."

But the outside of the building isn't the only change these new students are facing. Former principal Jonathan Prince left buried in scandal his successor, Larry Clawsen, who weeks ago sat down for an exclusive interview. We talked about the challenges this job holds.


"You are coming into a situation where there has been a lot of controversy." "How do you deal with that?"


"I'm moving forward in this situation and my goal and my vision is to continue the great things the previous administration had done here at PBG High School."

Clawsen seems to have gained that support from teachers.

"Change is always exciting certainly there's loyalty to the previous administration...just as much."

"I think it's a fresh start for everybody."

"I'm more excited than nervous and we are the first class to get out."