Family experiences H1N1 inconsistencies

By Chuck Weber email

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX)-Next week as school begins in Palm Beach County, the health community is dealing with an unusually high number of summertime flu cases. And almost all are H1N1.

While some have died from H1N1 (Palm Beach County has four H1N1 deaths), public health experts note the flu is mild for others, and is hitting some family members, and not others.

The Frye family of West Lake Worth is an example. For the past month, Lori Frye has been in the hospital fighting for her life with the H1N1 flu. Yet husband Jerry and son Noah have avoided the illness, only experiencing minor symptoms a couple of times.

"That is the body's ability to fight off the infection and that differs from person to person," explains West Palm Beach infectious disease specialist Dr. David Dodson. "It may well occur that some people get a more severe infection and some people a less severe infection, or some people don't get infected at all."

With H1N1 affecting people so differently, the advice from health experts is don't take chances. Take precautions such as frequent hand washing. And if you have flu symptoms, immediately stay home away from others, and rest, and don't hesitate to see a doctor.

As for the Fryes, they visit Lori daily in the hospital. They say she's no longer in an induced coma and she communicates by mouthing words. But Jerry says her condition improves and worsens. He says, "I just take it one day at a time and I trust in God, that He's going to get us through this."

If you'd like to help the Frye family with Lori's mounting medical expenses, an account is set up at TD Banks. The account is titled "Jerry Frye, in care of Lori Frye."