Juno Beach Police Tries Out New Equipment, Could Cause Some Controversy

Juno Beach, FL (WFLX) -

The Juno Beach Police Department could be adding new equipment to help catch criminals. But could it also cause some controversy?

"I think it's pretty cool actually," said Juno resident, George Black.

But there's much more to this device along the corner of A1A and US 1. It takes pictures of license plates on vehicles, checking for felony warrants. The information goes to the state and federal crime data base. Several other areas in Palm Beach County already use this technology. But would this be a welcomed site if it becomes permanent in Juno Beach?

"I think if it's done the correct way and if it's used the correct way," said Michael Ryan.

The police department doesn't own the machine. According to authorities, they are testing it out on a trial basis and regardless of what the machine scans right now, police are not acting on it. But some people in town are already not happy with police, because they're using a parked van with lasers and cameras to catch speeders and issue tickets. One local attorney has even filed a class action lawsuit against Juno, saying it's illegal and a violation of driver's constitutional rights.

"I can see where some would think it's a little big brother-ish," said Black.

And some question the accuracy of it all.

"Technology isn't perfect and maybe it's not their car that they're driving and they're catching the wrong people," said Ryan.

And while Juno police say they are still in the early stages of the trial, some people already say yes.

"Being a Juno Beach resident, I don't mind at all," said Black.

The Juno Police Department says if they do decide to go ahead and get the equipment, it won't happen until sometime next year.