Mayor Thrown out of Strip Club

By Al Pefley  email

South Palm Beach, FL (WFLX)

An elected official finds himself in the spotlight because of where he was and what he was doing.

Police say a local mayor had been drinking and caused a disturbance at a strip club and was thrown out of the place. You might not expect a mayor to be at a bar with nude dancers, drinking and behaving so badly that a manager grabbed him by the neck and escorted him outside.

But that's what happened to South Palm Beach Mayor Martin Millar and it's all spelled out in a police report.

Millar was at Rachel's a steakhouse and strip club on 45th Street Monday night.

Police were called to Rachel's after Millar was reportedly caught shining a flashlight on a dancer on the stage.

When the manager approached Millar, Millar shined the flashlight in his face

Millar allegedly quote: "...jumped up and got in the manager's face" and Mayor Millar threatened to "lay him out", told him he was an elected official and to "back the (expletive)  off."

Police say the Rachel's manager then grabbed Millar across his chest and under his arm and took him outside.

Once outside, Millar, 63,  poked the manager in the chest several times and pushed him.

Millar allegedly told a West Palm Beach police officer who came to the  scene that he would be calling their chief of police, and he said to the officer quote: "I'm better than you," and "I'm more important than you."

Police say Mayor Millar had an odor of alcohol on him, and he had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, a flushed face and his demeanor ranged from cooperative to aggressive to non-compliant.

They also say he had a gold badge on his belt, and stated several times he was the mayor of South Palm Beach and deserves respect.

Later that night, after he got a tow-truck ride home, Mayor Millar asked an on-duty South Palm Beach police officer to give him a lift to the emergency room at JFK Medical Center because of soreness to his neck. After he was treated, he called again and wanted one of the town's on-duty police officers to drive a squad car to the hospital and pick him up and take him home.

Millar, who was not arrested, has been the South Palm Beach mayor since March of this year.

And he has been a town councilman there since March 2005.

We could not reach him for comment.

The town council's next regularly scheduled meeting is Tuesday night, and it's possible this incident will come up for discussion.

Rachel's, by the way, had no comment.