Police Release 911 Calls in Bicyclists' Attack

By Al Pefley email

Boca Raton, FL (WFLX)

New developments in a recent incident in Boca Raton, where a man was attacked by a group of bicyclists.

Police have just released 911 calls from that night.

"911. What's the address of your emergency?"

"Um, a bunch of guys on bicycles are beatin' the crap out of this guy," one caller said.

Calls poured into 9-1-1 from drivers who watched as an elderly man,  69 year old Miles Barish of Delray Beach, squared off with a group of bicyclists on A1A.

"911. What's the address of your emergency?"

"A1A and Palmetto Park. An automobile took on a biker and now there's gonna be a brawl in the street," a female caller explained.

Barish, driving a 2008 Lexus convertible,  was on his way to dinner the evening of August 13, when he says a group of about 30 bicyclists were riding up ahead, blocking the entire road so he tooted his horn and drove around them.

But when Barish stopped for the traffic light at Palmetto Park Road a few seconds later he says the bikers caught up to him there and they accused him of getting too close as he went by and a fight broke out.

"There must've been 30-40 bikers there and all of a sudden they just went nuts on this guy's car! There must've been 40 guys there and there must've been four or five hittin' this guy and pullin' him out of the car and throwin' (expletive) at his car. The guy was just sittin' there in traffic," one caller told the 911 dispatcher.

"They're trying to get the old guy to go and he's pushing on the bikers. And if somebody doesn't hurry up and get here there's gonna be a huge fight!" a female caller said to the dispatcher.

One caller told the dispatcher it was all pretty crazy.

"They were throwin' their water bottles. They broke the light off his, I mean the window, what's it called? His side-view mirror off the car! The guy didn't do anything!" he explained.

In the end one of the bicyclists , 50 year old Thomas McDonald of Lighthouse Point, was charged with battery and assault.

Barish's car, peppered with dings and scratches,  had $6000 damage.

The bicyclist who was arrested is now free on $2500 bond.