Lightning Hits Tree, Narrowly Misses House

By Al Pefley email

Royal Palm Beach, FL (WFLX)

Rough weather for the past two nights in south Florida.  Lightning struck a tree, flattening it.

The family living nearby says it was a pretty close call for them.

Andrew Sossa of Royal Palm Beach was busy cleaning up damage to a tree this evening that was struck by lightning Saturday.

He says he and his 12 year old daughter Michelle were home at about 7 Saturday night, when they heard a loud blast outside their home on Running Oak Lane.

Sossa says he didn't know what happened, until his wife came home from work about an hour later and saw that a tree outside had been flattened.

"Oh there was a huge sound. I mean a huge sound! It shook the ground. It was very frightening," Sossa said.

The tree that was blown to pieces is just 30 or 40 feet from their house, and he feels really relieved that their home didn't get nailed by the lightning bolt that shattered the tree.