That's Life: Chocolate

Patrick & I love going to the park, but there's one thing we like better: chocolate. We know that chocolate isn't good for us, but which chocolate is best? Because if we're going to eat it we want the most bang for our buck.
Let me tell you what it us. We know not all chocolate is created equally. Dark chocolate is much better than white chocolate. As a matter of fact white chocolate has no beneficial use at all. Dark chocolate comes in several varieties, the best is Dove. The reason this is so special is because of the ingredient called cocoapro.  The second is a dark chocolate, the third and last is milk chocolate, in that order.
Now let's go back to Dove and the cocoapro. If you compare this Dove candy bar to the others, you find the catechins are twice as strong as the regular chocolate. If you compare it to other things such as red wine you find its three times as strong, four times stronger than an apple and lastly, compared to black tea it's eight times stronger

Those beneficial differences add up to this: less heart disease, less cancer of the lung, less diabetes, less asthma and less cancer of the prostate. The key is Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy the park, and enjoy your favorite candy bar.

I'm Dr David Vastola and that's life.