S. Palm Bch mayor thrown out of adult entertainment club

By John Bachman - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A mayor comes face-to face-for the first time with the public after being accused of a wild night out a strip club. A manager at Rachel's Steakhouse and Adult Entertainment club had to call the police after, they say, Martin Millar got too rowdy.

The meeting was packed, and, besides advice from his constituents and town council members, the mayor passed on several opportunities to discuss his run-in with bouncers at the club. "I'm not going to comment," Mayor Millar said.

"Were you abusing power Mr. Mayor?" Bachman asked.

"No sir," he responded.

Millar said he didn't have time to talk with us, but did talk to the town's attorney and a few people in the audience.

But others tell us they wanted answers. "He did a bad thing; he did a bad thing," said town resident Ellen Nardello.

It was just last Monday when the manager of Rachel's threw South Palm Beach Mayor Martin Millar out of the steakhouse and strip club in West Palm Beach. Police were called to Rachel's after employees told police Millar was shining a flashlight on one of the dancers and was disruptive.

Police say Mayor Millar smelled like alcohol, and told an officer: "I'm an elected official... I'm better than you... I'm more important than you."

Police reports also show Millar called his own town's police department, as well, to take him to the hospital. An ambulance was eventually called, and then he called South Palm Beach Police again to come pick him up from the hospital. The officer eventually did -- in his personal vehicle.

Millar was never arrested, but other town council members said they wanted to see Millar address the incident.

"I hope it comes right out, and it doesn't linger because this is what the majority of these people are here for," said town council member Dr. Donald Clayman.

But he passed on several opportunities to address the matter, and former town council member Joseph Kolbowski went as far to say it was time for Millar to step down. "I think it's a disgrace, yes."

There was even some applause after the suggestion was made that.

Millar just thanked the man for his comments.