FAU students: "what swine flu?"

By Juan Carlos Fanjul  email

BOCA RATON, FL  (WFLX)-- With the first week of classes almost in the books at FAU, when we asked students about the possible threat of swine flu, they were like what swine flu?

"No I don't think people are taking it seriously at all," said sophomore Danielle Jacobson.

Another student responded: "I'm not concerned because I don't think I'll get it."

But the reality is scientists predict H1N1 could spread fiercely this fall and college campuses such as FAU's Boca complex could be a breeding ground with common eating and living areas.

"The dorms here are doubles anyway and that's going to be another person easily infected and then there are the common areas like the bathrooms," added Jacobson.

FAU plans to issue it's plan of action next week should students start coming down with the virus.

It could follow the CDC's newly-released guidelines for the 2009-2010 academic year.

Among the key points if students can't go home, they will remain in self-isolation in their dorm room, only allowed to leave for medical care.

Meals would be brought in and students will have to distance learn through e-mail, in-person tests could be taken later.

But all of that seems to be in the back of students minds.

"As of right now I don't think anyone knows what to do if something does come about," said student Garrett Astler.