Already swine flu impacting schools

By Chuck Weber email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-The school year is barely under way and suspected swine flu cases are already popping up. The Palm Beach County Health Department says there are four schools, where students have symptoms.

One of them, The King's Academy, a private school near West Palm Beach, canceled chapel services for Thursday and Friday, and canceled a practice of the junior varsity football team.

"King's Academy has always been up on everything," said King's parent Susanne Legere. "They're just trying to keep the kids as separated as they can, by canceling practices and things that keep all the kids together, like chapel services."

King's just issued a notice to parents, telling of the cancellations and other measures dealing with the flu. In spite of the communication effort, the school's president said he spent much of the day on the phone answering parents' questions.

The Palm Beach County Health Department says at King's, there are two confirmed cases of influenza, type A. (Medical experts say right now, almost all type A flu is H1N1.) King's Academy has other unconfirmed cases. There are 13 unconfirmed cases at Seminole Ridge High in the Acreage, eight at Boca Raton Middle School, and at least one at Grove Park Elementary in Palm Beach Gardens.

With H1N1 cases throughout the county most of the summer, the Health Department says it is no surprise flu is hitting the schools now.