Dog flu surfacing

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Bird flu, swine flu, and now the dog flu. Your pup could be at risk for a deadly and infectious disease. It's a contagious flu known to scientists as H3N8, and it's taking aim at man's best friend.

Young dogs or older dogs with poor immune systems are most susceptible. Some could even die from it. Eighty percent, however, develop a mild form of the disease.

It actually came from the horse population and got into a bunch of greyhounds in Florida and slowly started spreading around the U.S.

Vets say H3N8 is very similar to kennel cough. If you've already had your dog vaccinated for that, and they still show flu-like symptoms, get them checked out immediately.

Many vets do offer a vaccine for H3N8.