Parachute, backup chute fail during skydive

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

LONDON (WFLX) - Skydiving seems risky enough, but imagine how it feels when your parachute doesn't open and your back-up chute doesn't open either.

It happened to a man in London, and it was caught on tape.

Forty-year-old Paul Lewis says he'd made 660 jumps by the middle of August when he was in the air for a British skydiving club.

The first 10 seconds of his trip were just fine. Then, he went to release his main parachute, and it wouldn't fully deploy.

But, then, his back-up chute failed to fully unfold. "I looked up at my canopy, closed my eyes, and very, very calmly thought to myself, 'It's all over.'"

With no control over his descent, and just limited braking power, Lewis says, he blacked out.

Luckily, his reserve chute guided him to a hard landing on a relatively flexible metal roof. With neck and arm injuries - but no broken bones - he says, it was his last jump ever.