Brevard Co. man tries breaking INTO jail

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

BREVARD COUNTY, FL (WFLX) - Prisoners are usually pretty anxious to get out of jail, but one Florida man was so desperate to go back, he tried to break into jail.

The former inmate was sentenced to probation on manslaughter charges. Days later, he showed up at the Brevard County jail asking to be let back in saying he was scared because a victim's family was threatening his life.

When the jail refused to let him back in, the man ran to the jail fence and tried to jump over! Unfortunately for him, he fell and landed in several feet of razor wire.

The victim's family says they never threatened him and feel no sympathy for what happened. Reporter asked, "How do you feel about what happened last night?"

Family remember responded, "Do you really want to know? I feel great about it. Justice is being served."

As we speak, no word if he will be charged for breaking back into jail.