Wedding vow flub: "To be my waffle-y wedding wife"

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

(WFLX) - Everything was going incredibly well at the wedding of Melissa and Andrew Engstrom. That is until they got to the vows.

Pastor: "To be my lawfully wedded wife."
Groom: "To be my 'waffle-y' wedded wife... and 'pancake-y'... I've been scared of this all my life."

The bride got a case of the giggles during the ceremony in Washington state last month. The video has now become a YouTube hit getting at least $600,000 hits already.

The bride carries on for awhile. "It just started building to the point of - there it went - and I couldn't control it. And, then, every time I'd look at Andrew, I'd just start laughing even more," said Melissa.

It was just one of the many things the couple laughed at during the ceremony. Apparently, the groom put the ring on his bride's finger wrong, too, causing some chuckling from not only the couple but guests, as well.