Meters at Mizner? Say it ain't so.

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

BOCA RATON (WFLX) - Mizner Park resident Brittany Zeolla likes to park her car street side during the day while running in and out of her condo.

But now that may cost her as Boca Raton city leaders are thinking of putting in parking meters.

"I think it's a bad idea. We already pay enough money to live here and park in the garage. Paying for street parking is unbelievable," she said.

The city says because of a major dip in property tax revenues, they could be out $4 million.

The proposed parking meter revenue along the entertaintainment, dining and residential district would fill the gap.

The parking garages would remain free to the public, but lunch-goers told us part of the attraction was the free parking on the street.

"You don't feel like you need to rush your meal, rush out of the store, to feed the meter or put more money into it," said Bev Olsen.

But those who work at Mizner say they know their time was up. "When you go into Ft. Lauderdale or Cityplace, they charge on the street and garages, too, and, I think, it's been a long time coming," said Lauren Huron.

The city plans to use smart meters which take cash and credit cars and could even be triggered by your cell-phone. There would be a two hour limit to park.

"It would probably be easier to find a space, because they put a time limit on the amount of time you can park your car. There will be a bigger turnover," said Bernie Kite.

Under the plan, Boca Raton would also install meters "near" the beaches including the east end of Spanish River Boulevard and at the very end of State Road A1A, by the pavilion.

There are several hearings and possibly several months before any meters would go in place.