The cardboard boyfriend

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

JACKSONVILLE, FL (WFLX) - A Florida woman has figured out a way to take her boyfriend everywhere she goes; even though, he is stationed in Iraq with the Air Force.

Shirtless at the airport, Staff Sergeant Patrick Thomas made a grand entrance. He's not actually there in the flesh, but as a cardboard cutout.

It started as a joke, but then got serious when his girlfriend, Anne Schollard, bought the cutout. It's all part of a mission called 'Perk Up Patrick'. "Typically, I'll hear from Patrick mostly everyday," said Schollard. "There was a time when I went five days without hearing from him. Oh my gosh, you worry, even though, you know, they're probably fine."

Good news, Anne may be able to get rid of the cutout soon. Her boyfriend, the real one, is due back in November.