Boca Raton iPhone "app" makes rounds smoother

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

WEST BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX)- As a general surgeon at West Boca Medical Center, Dr. Camil Sader's day is busy seeing multiple patients on his rounds, clinging to crumpled paper lists with vital information from names, to room numbers to diagnosis.

"At the end of the day, I may lose pages, may end up missing charges, missing dates," said Sader.

So when he got his new iPhone 3gs, he started putting his patient list in one of the basic programs, but then decided to customize his own medical list application.

"To at least cut down on my time of creating a list. And then when I walk around, I can check off patients that I saw right on my phone and at the end of the day I can e-mail my list to my office," he said.

After consulting with a coder, who helped him write the program and other doctors, his app "Dr. Rounds" was born.

"I submitted to apple for review. It took them two months to approve me, and it got rejected six times," he said.

Nurses at the hospital are just now learning about the Dr. Sader's idea and they seem to like it.

"In the long run, it will help with communication with patients and between nurses and physicians," said assistant nurse manager Michelle Gutchess.

Dr. Sader also says vital patient information won't be missed, since a follow-up list will be advanced to the next day.

Dr. Rounds has done brisk sales since going on the market in July.

"My primary market is U.S., but I've sold copies in Canada, Australia is big, the Philippines, even Russia. It's interesting," said Sader.

The doctor takes in 70 percent of the profit, Apple 30 percent.

It retails for $24.99 at the iPhone apps Web page.

Sader says patient privacy is key in this new application where only the owner of the app has access to it through a special pin number.

When he e-mails the list, it's encrypted and can only be opened on the other end with that pin number.