Epstein Plea Deal Unsealed

By Al Pefley  email

West Palm Beach, FL (WFLX)

By all accounts, it was a sweet deal Jeffrey Epstein struck with the feds.

One that most of us probably wouldn't have gotten.

He pleaded guilty to engaging in sex with teenage girls and got very little time in the county jail. Not even prison.

Epstein's lawyers kept the details of the deal sealed until today.

We just got our hands on the 11 page plea deal that Jeffrey Epstein reached with federal prosecutors in 2007.

An attorney for some of the teenage girls who were Epstein's victims calls this plea deal "atrocious" and he says "it's an embarrassment to the U.S. Attorney's office."

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein could've gone to prison for life. Instead, he got just 18 months.

Police say he had teenage girls coming to his Palm Beach home to give him massages and also perform sex acts on him.

One attorney says Epstein victimized at least 33 teenage girls.

"He could've faced at least 33 life sentences had he been convicted under these charges," said Spencer Kuvin, an attorney with the firm Leopold-Kuvin in Palm Beach Gardens.

But instead, he spent little time behind bars under a secret plea deal with federal prosecutors.

"It's extremely unfair, extremely unfair to the 33 girls because it essentially brushes them aside as though nothing happened to them and it wasn't a big deal," Kuvin said.

The secret plea bargain has just been made public and it reveals Epstein agreed to pay for an attorney to represent all the victims who came to his home for sex acts.

In addition, if any of the girls decides to sue him for damages, Epstein gave up his right to contest the amount of money they could collect up to $50-thousand dollars.

Also, the plea deal specifies if Epstein successfully meets the house arrest and other terms of the deal, the government won't charge four women in the case, including his girlfriend Nadia Marcinkova, who brought the teenage girls to him.

"There is no other person, no other person who would've gotten such a sweetheart deal had they not been as wealthy and as powerful as Jeffrey Epstein," Kuvin said.

The U.S. Attorney's office declined to comment on the plea deal.

In a written statement, Epstein's defense attorney says: "He is looking forward to putting this difficult period of his life behind him."