Teen Won't be Charged in Murder

By Al Pefley  email

West Palm Beach, FL (WFLX)

A shocking turn in the murder case of a star Pahokee High football player.  The teen suspected of being the triggerman won't face any charges after all.

Detectives say three eyewitnesses identified 17 year old Willie Felton as the one who fired the fatal shot that killed Norman "Pooh" Griffith Junior in September 2008.  But their stories have changed and are not consistent.

Griffith was gunned down outside a school dance at the Boys and Girls Club in Belle Glade.

Detectives say they were unable to build a case against Felton, even though they think he did it.

Under state law, a person has a right to a speedy trial, and they say time simply ran out before they could get enough evidence.

"Willie Felton cannot be charged again. And that is an extremely disappointing thing. I will tell you that on behalf of the sheriff's office we feel extremely disappointed and saddened for the Griffith family," said Major Jim Stormes with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Another teen is under arrest in the Griffith murder. Deputies say 18 year old Carl Lee Booth, Jr.  also fired a shot  that did not hit Griffith. But under the law, he can still be charged with murder.

We contacted the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office  and they told us quote:  "The same constitutional rights that protect the innocent sometimes protect the guilty as well."