Belle Glade toddler saves brother after fatal shooting

Casey Gilbert
Casey Gilbert
Isaac Roberson, Jr.
Isaac Roberson, Jr.

By Peter Schaller - email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

BELLE GLADE, FL (WFLX) - A 3-year-old child grabs his 1-year old brother's hand and runs upstairs after witnessing their father shoot their mother. The father then turned the gun on himself.

The mother, Casey Gilbert, is still clinging to life. She's been in surgery all weekend long.

Casey's mother, heartbroken, is worried about two things: The bullet still lodged in her daughter's head, and the memories of this horrifying shooting haunting her two little grandsons for the rest of their lives. "If he wouldn't have got help, she would have been dead right now."

Tamara Martin says her 3-year-old grandson, Isaac, is a hero for what he did in the moments following a deadly shooting in his home. Climbing the stairs with his little brother, holding his hand, knocking on the door, and had them call 911.

She says the brothers saw their father, Isaac Roberson, Jr., shoot their mother, Casey, and turn the gun on himself Wednesday night.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's office says this looks like an attempted murder-suicide. The little boys remember it like this. "My daddy shot mommy, and then, and then shot his self," said Isaiah.

His grandmother left her daughter's bedside to make a point. She says her 21-year-old daughter was a victim of domestic violence. "She was trying to leave this toxic relationship. Casey has been in and out of surgery since was flown here to Delray Medical Center. She was shot in the head. I'm staying over here. I can't go home right now because I wanna see my baby all the time."

The family says Casey isn't responding when they trying talking to her, but they don't want her boys to grow up without a mother, so they keep trying.

Casey's two sons are staying with their aunt for now The family says they're setting up a trust fund for the boys. When we have more information, we'll pass it along to you.