That's Life: Food History

Even in medicine, sometimes things are a little out of focus and you can't see correctly. But by knowing something about it you can actually bring it into focus. Let me give you some historical clues which will bring it into focus.
Before World War II it was fed grass, and when fed grass, it actually matured very healthily, and if you ate it, it could prevent heart disease - that's what recent research shows. But because it took four years to get to the marketplace, the farmers were not happy. Can you see a little better now?
What Farmers did then, in their infinite wisdom, was feed it corn because they could get it to the marketplace in about 14 months instead of the four years, and therefore, make a lot of money.
The problem was, the corn was toxic to these animals and it made them sick. So what they needed to do to get it there was give them hormones and antibiotics, and in doing so - you got it when you ate it. Can you see little better now?
All that corn we had to make to feed this thing cost money - its government subsidized, so we're paying for it out of our tax dollars. It also requires an awful lot of energy to make that corn.
Lastly, there's toxic runoff into our waters. Is it worth it? You can see it now, can't you? It's the beef you eat, and if you keep it in focus it will keep you healthy.
I'm Dr David Vastola, and that's life.