Jeffrey Hernandez v. angry parents

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email
Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Palm Beach County's school district leadership is going to get an earful on a curriculum controversy.

Proponents say kids need to be tested more frequently so teachers can assess their progress; however, critics say it's too much testing with too little teaching.

It's a regular workshop meeting at the school board Wednesday, but district officials are expecting a mad house of angry parents and teachers like these in previous protests to speak up during the public portion of the meeting.

We tried to get direct answers to some of your questions Tuesday as Jeffrey Hernandez was live on the air.

The questions came from parents who picked their kids up at Washington Elementary in Riviera Beach.

Q: "My daughter is 11. Is she too young to be going through all this testing?"

A: "Actually testing is part of an instructional process that starts in pre-kindergarten"

Q: "It's very helpful for my son. I just want to know why it's taken so long? "

A: "It is helpful because it's important for a teacher to know where the child is and where they need to be taken. It may have taken this long because the standards have changed as to how they meet the needs of the students"

Many parents have asked what triggered the district to start this new curriculum which, critics say, relies on way too much testing for students and a strict schedule for teachers.

"It's very interesting in the state of Florida. There were 3,000 third graders retained. That would suggest to me teachers are not preparing them for required standards," said Dr. Art Johnson.

The meeting starts at 5  p.m. Wednesday; although, public comments may not happen until 7 p.m.

Already dozens have signed up to speak including one Facebook group, which is mobilizing at least 100 people, who will wear orange and carry sad-faced pumpkins to the meeting as a sign of their disapproval.