Cooking oil frees company from foreign oil

By John Bachman - bio | email

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - It's greasy, "green" and it's growing. We're talking about a local company producing bio diesel fuel out of waste cooking oil.

We've seen gas prices climb higher during the last week or so; that only means more good news for a company in the fuel business. But they credit their success to more than just market conditions. "It's really fun to come to work; it really is," said Genuine Bio-Fuel V.P. George LaCourse.

You don't hear too many people saying that these days, but it's something LaCourse thinks about everyday. The company sells their fuel to wholesalers who mix it with regular diesel, farmers who use it in their equipment, and the marine industry. And they have just inked a new deal with a major fuel distributor. Their own delivery truck, which runs on the fuel they make, is going on more runs.

"We are extremely excited about where we are today compared to where we thought we would be at this time," said LaCourse.

The company started turning waste cooking oil into bio diesel about a year ago. Since then, they've expanded their Indiantown office and increased production. And while many similar companies have closed their doors all together recently, Genuine Bio Fuel is opening facilities similar to the one in Boca Raton and Venice which is on the west coast. "If it makes sense, we go for it."

That includes hiring more people like Jan Goodman, a machinist and mechanic by trade, not a chemist, to fine tune the fuel's formula.

Jan says understanding how the engines work, help him and his employee understand how to make the best bio diesel. "I don't need master chemist and physicists. I employ mechanics and transmission guys, front end alignment guys. People who know how to solve a problem and diagnose it."

It's a different way of looking at business, but one that seems to be working. When not a lot of business are.

All this is happening as some of the major oil companies are now greatly increasing their investment in bio fuels.