Go X-Scream this Halloween

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - The Travel Channel named it one of the 13 scariest haunted attractions in the country, and it's all put on by Palm Beach County students.

And from now until Halloween, they'll be getting folks into the spooky holiday spirit.

Freshman Brandon Maritas practices one last time for 'Alien Abduction'. Across the hall, his classmate mixes gelatine. "This is going to make scars and wounds, and it's going to look really disgusting." And next door, students wait in line for make up.

"The majority of the kids you'll see here are 14 years old who have built all these sets, learn how to do the sets, the costuming, the prosthetics, the makeup," said Greg Hauptner, CEO and Founder of G-Star School of the Arts.

Under Hauptner's direction, 150 G-Star School of the Arts students have poured their heart and soul into this year's X-Scream Halloween. "They are so consciousness about what they do. They work so hard, and they are such great kids.

With six haunts, there's lots to be done. "My job is to pop out of an operating table, scare whoever comes by, and make the weirdest sounds I can make," said Maritas.

Sophomore Matthew LaRoche added, "My set is called 'Puppeteer'. It's about a creepy old guy, who I happen to play, and he kills victims and takes out their innards."

Sounds dreadful, but students are learning more than just how to put fake gnats on each other.

"It makes you really value friendship and family, because it does get really frustrating. But it teaches you a lot about life in general," said freshman Maritsa Moore.

George Colavecchio, who's the mastermind behind X-scream, takes something away from this, too. "I've been doing haunts for 18, but four years ago, I was approached to do this here as a fundraiser. And once I met the kids, it was all over. I had to do it. You get back 200 percent of what you put in to it."

X-Scream Halloween runs through the end of this month at G-Star's School of the Arts in West Palm Beach.