Sheriff: Birthmark on child found in landfill matches Somer Thompson

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

JACKSONVILLE, FL (WFLX) - The Clay County Sheriff tentatively identifies of a child's body found in a Georgia landfill is Somer Thompson.

Update, THU 10 AM: The sheriff says a birth mark on the body found at the landfill matches the one on Somer. This beautiful child is the 7-year-old who vanished Monday on her walk home from school.

An autopsy later Thursday will determine the cause of death. They Clay County sheriff says they will not stop until the catch the person responsible for Somer's death

Previously: The FBI, FDLE and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are focusing on a landfill in Folkson, Georgia where the body of a child was found Wednesday Afternoon.

Right now police are trying to figure out if the body is little Somer Thompson.

"The body appears to be a of a small child. No positive ID at this time, the body was partially covered. All we could see were the lower extremities," said Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler.

The trash that goes to that southern Georgia landfill comes from her neighborhood in the Jacksonville area.

Her father, who lives in North Carolina, tells the Florida Times-Union newspaper that a birth mark on the body found at the landfill matches one on her daughter.

Somer went missing Monday afternoon after separating from her sister as they walked home from school.

Although they had no clues until now, cops suspected foul play all along.

For three days her mother has been agonizing over the dissapearance.

"I just want her to come home," said a grief-stricken Diena Thompson hours before the body was found.

Her estranged husband, who's heading back to Florida, feared this would happen.

"Why are 5 and 7-year-old's walking almost a mile home from school? Especially in an area where there are so many sex offenders," asked Samuel Thompson.

Authorities hope to have a positive identification by Thursday afternoon.