Tax Deductions for Pet Care Costs?

Lake Worth, FL (WFLX)- A proposed bill called the "Happy Act" or Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years is making some pet owners very happy. The bill was introduced by Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Michigan, and it currently sits in the Committee on Ways and Means.

Under the bill, pet owners would be allowed to deduct up to #3,500 for some pet care expenses, including vet bills. Costs associated with adopting a pet would not qualify. A spokesperson for Rep. McCotter says, it's too early to say if other pet care related costs, such as food and grooming, would qualify for deductions.

Pet owner Rosita Picciolo of Lake Worth, who just paid a hefty vet bill, says, "It would be a good thing. It would help a lot. Today alone could cost me $1,500." Local Veterinarian Jodi Ehrlich also fully supports the proposal, but believes deductions related to pet car should stick to medical costs. She says, "We don't get deductions for ourselves for food. I think it should stay medical."

A spokesperson for Rep. McCotter doesn't expect the bill to be brought up in committee until early next year.