Plasma TVs Will Remain Pricey

AP -- If you've ever salivated for a plasma T-V, but got a dry mouth when you saw the price, you've likely wondered: when will they drop into MY range?
For example, 400-to-500 dollars?
Jeff Samuels of Panasonic says he can't see that happening -- at least not for a while. He says a reasonable goal right now is two-thousand dollars. Currently, the best price is about four grand.
Samuels says as plasma T-V prices drop, it will put pressure on those big projection televisions. People will prefer a T-V that doesn't weigh 400 pounds and dominate the entire room.
Since plasma televisions are only a few inches thick, they can be set into a wall or neatly tucked away. Some can be programmed to display a painting when not in use, so they'll look like a picture on the wall.
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