(WFLX) - Security screens, made by Tapco in Tupelo, MS, are made with stainless steel on steroids.

"You got 12-weave this way, and 12-weave this way," says Wilford Roberts with Tapco.

Rated to stand up to a category 4 hurricane, we throw everything at it.

Already installed on a home, a neighbor is watching our test.

Aaron Reagan got burglar bars got on his windows after a recent break-in. A crow bar punched a hole in it, but the steel's so strong, you can't tear it a part. "That's pretty amazing!"

We take a 2x4, and shoot it at the screen at 50 feet per second. The window's still intact - didn't break or shatter or anything!

Tapco designed the screens, so a firefighter's rescue saw could cut through them. Therefore, the good guys get in while the bad guys stay out.

Similar security screens are sold locally, but you can check out the Tapco Security Screens online.