Aviator College opens in Ft. Pierce

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

FT PIERCE, FL (WFL) - It's the only one of its kind in a 50 mile radius.

"Very exciting that we're expanding what we already offered to students. Now, in terms of just regular flight training, they can come and get an actual degree in aeronautical science," said flight instructor Michael Bolig. "So not only with they have the flight experience, but also the education to go along with the becoming an airline or professional pilot."

What makes this college unique is their CRJ-200 flight simulator. "It's exactly like the real plane; it simulates everything."

Being a pilot, however, takes passion. "You don't become a pilot just like that," said flight instructor Pierre LaVial. "You really want to become a pilot. It's coming from your gut."

LaVial says if that desire's present, this is the time to do it. "As the retirement age has increased a little bit, there's still going to be a lack of pilots in the near future, so there's going to be a lot of jobs right now in the industry."

Registration for the spring semester is now underway. Classes begin January 6. Learn more.