Coastal communities monitor rough surf

By Chuck Weber

RIVIERA BEACH, LANTANA, FL (WFLX)-So far local erosion problem spots seem to be weathering several days of rough surf pretty well.

On Singer Island at the Condado condo-- scene of past erosion troubles-- water crashed at the bottom of the condo's stairs at high tide early Monday afternoon. At least the stairs are still there. And at the property next door, an often-reconstructed dune is also still in tact.

"The 10 feet of sand would have probably been gone by now, based on the previous 4 or 5 years," recalled Rita Borraccio, an owner at the Condado. "The fact that it still is here and we've got three weeks left of November, it's a very promising sign."

There is also a good report in Lantana, where last year the Town of Lantana installed a new sea wall and added sand, to protect its oceanfront park and the Dune Deck Café. Most of the sand from the project is still in place.

"We feel very secure that the sea wall we put in is going to work fine," said Lantana Town Manager Michael Bornstein. "It's no threat right now. We're mostly worried about the sand that's piled from the sea wall to the ocean. We really don't want that sand to disappear, and wash out."

The exposed sea wall would hold up, said Bornstein. But losing the sand would likely leave a beach too rocky to be comfortable for beach visitors.