Local Wal-Mart increases Security

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

LAKE PARK-- Almost everyone you talk to likes the deals, but not the crowds that come with Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving filled with blockbuster deals,

Now add to that security concerns.

Last year an unruly crowd trampled to death a worker at a Long Island Wal-Mart when doors opened at 5 am.

The tragedy has sparked Wal-Mart to increase security nationwide and right here in our area.

A worker at the Lake Park Wal-Mart says security will be beefed up on Black Friday.

Across the country hours will be extended and customers will be handed tickets.

The new plan, developed by experts who manage crowd control at the Super Bowl and the Olympics, keeps stores open longer with guaranteed tickets for doorbusters which will prevent sprinting and scuffling.

Shoppers welcome the additional security.

"It's good that they are adding more security, it's safer and people can get in and out better," said shopper Antoinette Seymoure.

"If people were just a little kinder to each other then it would be easier and the need for security wouldn't be as much," said shopper Sheila Powell.

The national retail federation says other stores plan to serve drinks, offer entertainment, or chat with customers in line in order to avoid last year's tragedy.