Hair Springs Eternal

By Helen Wagmeister, Creative Director 
Harvey C Salon
111 South Olive Street, West Palm Beach

Corrective hair color: A simple description, which summarizes a tremendously detailed treatment for hair. Here's some valuable insight on the complexities of corrective hair coloring.

One cannot possibly fully appreciate the responsibility and challenge placed upon a colorist when a corrective coloring technique is necessary. It is a volatile aspect of our job coupled with many variables; how to maintain the integrity of the hair shaft, deciding upon the degree of damage, what is the best technique to use etc.

At H.C.S we counsel that this type hair color renovation requires a three session approach, during which the clients expectations are assessed, and the colorist expresses his/her expectations then decides upon a remedy. This may range from a series of conditioning treatments to previous color removal or haircutting. Being that it usually takes several visits to create a hair color faux pas, one must think that to remove or improve such a problem will take more than one attempt.

At H.C.S you'll discover an experienced staff that share a great love of hair color and all the challenges that it presents. We will offer an educated honest assessment of what is needed to redress the balance in your hair color. On your part understand such a specialized field is not offered by all salons nor should it be. Fine tuning the remedies for this type of hair coloring takes years of skill building and continuing education.

So when do you need a corrective coloring service? Corrective color is used for a multitude of reasons, but chiefly because of:
  • Improper color application
  • Unflattering color choice
  • Too many highlights
  • Too much exposure to the sun or swimming
Amazingly, South Floridians will pay lots of money for fabulous color, and spend the next four weeks swimming, sunbathing or driving with the convertible top down, and all without adequate hair protection! To dispel any rumors, yes, it does matter what shampoo/conditioning regiment you follow. My advice: budget salon shampoo and conditioner into the overall hair color cost, and P L E A S E wear a hat in the sun!

So now you know. Call Harvey C. Salon for a consultation. We are a full service salon. Bring in this editorial for special discounts. Call Denise or Julianna at (561)832-2944.