Parents still protesting PBC academic plan

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Parents are back at it. Camped outside a school board meeting. This time protesting the lack of changes inside their child's classroom, and a new controversy surrounding race.

You may remember last month the superintendent of Palm Beach County schools flip-flopped on the new mandatory, county-wide curriculum changes implemented by Chief Academic Officer Jeffery Hernandez.

School officials announced the academic plan will now be decided by principals; however, it's a month later, and parents are still angry.

Another night of strong opinions and comments from parents and teachers is expected at Tuesday night's meeting taking place at Santaluces High School. Many are members of the Facebook page "Testing is not Teaching".

Parents, using orange as their color for the protest, say, even though Superintendent Art Johnson left it up to principals to craft their curriculum, that's not always happening. There have been reports some principals are afraid to stop the controversial provisions implemented by Hernandez and Johnson. Some say they are afraid of backlash from district administration.

There is also the issue of race coming into this debate. Art Johnson and Hernandez have reportedly been trying to appeal to Hispanics and other minorities to come to the meeting Tuesday night to support their new classroom directives saying only white parents are protesting and minority parents are sitting silent when this curriculum can help their parents.

We asked parents, gathering before the meeting, what they thought about this. Their main complaint, they say, has been what they call a 'one size fits all' approach to teaching.

Art Johnson and Hernandez say, even though some school might have an A rating, certain students are getting left behind.