Murder for hire case details emerge

By Chuck Weber

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-More information emerges about the Boynton Beach wife accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband. The information comes from recordings and documents prosecutors just released in the case against Dalia Dippolito.

In a recorded conversation between Dalia Dippolito and an undercover officer posing as a hit man, the officer offers her a way out. "If you change your mind," he began. Dippolito interrupted, "No, there's no changing. I'm positive, like five thousand percent sure."

At one point in the recording, the agent posing as hit man warns Dippolito of the pressure of police questioning she'll face. "I'm a lot tougher than what I look," responded Dippolito. "I just need to make sure everything's getting taken care of."

Later the same week, police staged husband Michael's death. Dippolito reacted with hysterics. But later when she came in for questioning, police revealed Michael was not dead. Then detectives allowed Dippolito to see him at a distance.

"Oh my God!" shrieked Dippolito. "Come here, please. Mike, come here."

"I can't," replied Michael. "I can't fix this."

"Why not?" asked Dalia. "I didn't do anything to you."

We contacted Dalia Dippolito's lawyer, Michael Salnick, but he declined comment. Dippolito is on house arrest, at her mother's home.