Fat Doesn't Make You Fat?

Patrick is feeling a little devilish today, he has a reason to - it's because of this letter I received from the Alliance for Food & Farming, Los Angeles CA. Hmmm, pretty far reaching, from Monica. She tells me I shouldn't be talking about the glycemic index because it's a research tool and people shouldn't be doing it. Let me tell you the real story
The essence of this devilish problem is not fat, it's not calories - it's insulin surges. And this article, What if Fat Doesn't Make You Fat? in the July issue of the New York Times, goes on and on and on to say that. Here's the history of it.
For 30 years we've advised our patients (the "experts") that we should stay away from calories and saturated fats because it causes human disease. But it turns out over these 30 years on that diet the incidences of heart disease has not gone down, and the incidences of diabetes has gone straight up. How can that be?
The reason is the culprit is not calories, it's not saturated fats, its insulin - because without insulin you can eat all the calories you want, you can eat all the saturated fats you want, but it's just washed out of your system. How can you measure that? You can measure that with the glycemic index and that's what they're talking about in this letter.
But it turns out that articles like this in Newsweek, and articles like this in the New York Times point out that we've been wrong. In this article of the NY Times in the last paragraph, there's a Stanford professor that's quyoted, Dr Farkyrhar, and he says "Can we get those low fat professors and proponents to apologize?" Because we were wrong. We were wrong Monica, and the facts speak for themselves. And that's the devil part of the problem and now you know.
And I'm Dr David Vastola and that's life.