Horses hit by cars; Riders survive

By Chuck Weber

THE ACREAGE, FL (WFLX)-The search is on for the driver of a car who collided with two people on horseback Sunday night around 7:00 p.m. in the Acreage. 20-year old Taylor McGuire and her 18-year boyfriend, A.J. Johnson, escaped with only minor injuries.

Monday McGuire said when she and her boyfriend started their ride it was daylight. But they decided to keep going, darkness fell, and a bridge on Royal Palm Beach Boulevard was their only way across a canal.

As the pair and their horses navigated the narrow walkway between the side of bridge and roadway, a dark Jeep Wrangler hit the side of the Johnson's horse, knocking the animal to the road. Johnson managed to hang on.

The same car then hit McGuire's horse, and grabbed her foot, almost knocking her off.

"It was one of those things where I could not believe it was happening," exclaimed McGuire. She said as the Wrangler kept going, her boyfriend's horse was hit again by another car. It also failed to stop, McGuire said.

"If he would have completely jumped off the sidewalk after seeing the other horse getting hit," McGuire posed, "I could have been completely run over. I mean it could have definitely been a fatality."

Fortunately McGuire only suffered a sprained ankle. Johnson's knee hurts. And the horses have some cuts and bruises and are a little skittish.

McGuire is thankful, but upset. "No one seemed to care," she said. "The people just kept going. Even the onlookers that saw it, nobody stopped. Nobody stopped to ask if we were okay."

McGuire said she's had drivers yell at her, even throw things at her, while riding on her horse. She feels drivers need to understand horses can spook-- a potential danger for horses, riders, and drivers.