Chinese drywall study results released

By Al Pefley - bio | email

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) -federal investigation found a strong association between Chinese drywall and corrosion in homes..

Joann Anton runs a business out of her home at Cobblestone Creek near Boynton Beach. She, her husband and two small kids have lived here for nearly three years.

And, like others here, her home has Chinese drywall. "It's just ridiculous that this is happening to us and nobody's doing anything."

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has just released results of a study that show an association between the Chinese drywall and corrosion of copper pipes, wires and other metal objects in people's homes. "That I pretty much already knew because, in a brand new house, there shouldn't be light fixtures corroded, air conditioner coils corroded. I had to have the a/c replaced twice, black jewelry."

Anton says she was hoping the study would say whether there's a link between the Chinese drywall and health problems, such as nosebleeds, headaches and breathing troubles. It doesn't. That will come out in later studies.

She still hopes something positive will come from this study. "Well, now maybe the government will try to help us, knowing the Chinese drywall is what's causing that."

Another homeowner, Brian Eisenberg, says he also feels the study didn't shed much new light on the situation. "The results from the test are very disappointing."

He too was hoping the government study would reveal whether there's a link between Chinese drywall and health problems that some homeowners have experienced. "I just think that they're acting extremely slow for something that has caused so much trouble," Eisenberg said.

Eisenberg has a six-bedroom home at Cobblestone Creek, but he and his family no longer live in it due to health concerns and are renting a home elsewhere.

Some homeowners at Cobblestone Creek are hopeful the government will provide funds to pay for the removal of the Chinese drywall. Others are not waiting, and are paying out of their own pocket to remove the drywall.