Study finds dangerous bacteria in chicken

(WFLX) - A new study finds a common dinner ingredient is testing positive for bacteria that could make you sick.

Consumer Reports purchased 382 raw whole broiler chickens from more than 100 stores in 22 states and tested for salmonella and a dangerous bacteria called "campylobacter."

The findings showed nearly two-thirds of the poultry had either one or both pathogens.

The CDC estimates the pathogens from chicken and other food infect more than 3 million americans every year.

An experts says more needs to be done. "The government needs to take a look at what measures work. What measures don't. And need to step up the standards so less contaminated birds are sold to consumers overall."

The national chicken council said in a statement, "Like all fresh foods, raw chicken may have some microorganisms present, but these are destroyed by the heat of normal cooking. The industry does an excellent job in providing safe, wholesome food to american consumers."