Shapewear undergarments for men

(WFLX) - For centuries women have worn undergarments like corsets and girdles. These days it's spanx.

Now more men are using their own methods to hide their imperfections. A growing number of men are turning to specially-designed underwear to give the illusion of a perfect body.

Men's shapewear is changing the way men look and feel under their clothes with vests, t-shirts and underwear to look slimmed down.

British online retailer first launched the line in the spring and since then have reported higher than expected sales.

"There's just no reason why you should feel embarrassed to wear it. You can either be open about wearing it or you can get people thinking 'Oh they're shaped up a bit.'"

And its just not used for slimming. Some of the shapewear also can be used to "enlarge" certain areas that you want to make look bigger.