Christmas tree prices declining

(WFLX) - This year christmas tree prices are declining because farmers simply grew too many. In fact there are some real bargains out there because there is a glut of christmas trees.

"Another driving factor behind lower christmas tree prices, people are buying less live trees in the us for 07 to 08. There were 3 million less tress sold, another reason trees are cheaper this year."

For you to take advantage of the falling prices we shopped around.

We compared six-foot frasier furs. The most expensive was Tree Towne Christmas Trees. They quoted us 66 dollars.

Happy Holidays Christmas Trees came in at 59 dollars. For a little less service and quality there are the big box stores. Home Depot is selling them for $32.98 and the lowest we found was $24.97 at Lowes.

The increasing popularity of artificial trees is also affecting prices. Last year nearly 12 million fake trees were purchased, while 28 million live trees were purchased.

But don't expect these low prices to stick around. Christams tree farmers are already planting less trees, meaning you will have to shell out more green in the future.