2009 meal, 1988 price

By Juan Carlos Fanjul - bio | email

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX)-- Ellie Sweet and her friends can't afford to be foodies in this economy, but they'll make an exception when eating a 2009 meal at a 1988 price.

"We don't go out to eat often, so when we see the prices roll back, we take advantage of it," said Sweet.

A roll back is exactly what Park Avenue BBQ Grille is doing this week.

Celebrating their 21st anniversary, prices are 21 years old.

A full racks of ribs and sides is $9.99, regularly that same platter runs $17.99.

A large pork sandwich is only $3.99 and draft beers are only $.99 cents.

For customers, the price slash is almost priceless.

"I think the value is very good for the money and I think it's great that they do it because the economy is in such trouble," said one woman.

The Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast restaurant chain tried the roll back for the first time last year and business tripled.

Since Monday, ribs have been flying out of the kitchen and staffers expect sales to top last year's because the economy has worsened.

"It's been so busy. We've gotten great feedback from the customers. They all know it's not the best timing with the economy and everything else," said server Kristen Burgoon.

For Ellie it's the best timing with these retro prices.

"We're coming here again," she added.

The 1988 prices continue through Sunday at all Park Avenue BBQ Grille locations.